Chatham Coastal Creations


“The “Bay Scallop” is caught locally and harvested during the fall and winter months. After having commercially fished for more than 50 years, the shells quickly began to have a different appeal for Nick.

In 2010, while catching and opening bay scallops, it occurred to me that the profound beauty of the shellfisherman’s world was worth displaying to others.

Instead of going to the dump, I saved a few shells during the holidays, spent a considerable amount of time cleaning them, and along with my two granddaughters, made a wreath for their grandmother.

Everyone thought it was beautiful and thus, the successful artisan industry named “Chatham Coastal Creations” was born.”  Nick

In 2017, Nick found a use for the normally discarded sea scallop shell. These silhouettes are cut out with a water laser jet.  He thought they would make a nice local gift to take home. Hope you enjoy!





Chatham Coastal Creations