About Us1856 Country Store

1856__winter_webOur family has owned the ‘penny candy store’ since the 1970’s. Mom, Lorraine spotted a full page ad offering the store for sale…she fell in love with it and decided to place an offer. That first deal fell through, but she never forgot about “the store”. Mom & Dad decided Centerville would be a great place to raise their family of five girls, and pretty much on a whim bought a beautiful old Sea Captain’s home being run as a guest house.

After a period of time the ‘penny candy store’ was back on the market. An offer was made and happily this time the deal went through. Well 37 years have passed and Mom is still at the counter greeting customers! Daughters Joanne & Janet have been on board for many years. The store is a labor of love for us all.

When we walk through the door everyday it’s as though we are walking into an extension of our homes. We hope you will feel that way when you visit! If you can’t join us in person, we hope you find our cozy little corner of the world through this website.